Ahead of her new documentary she’s presenting, taking a look at the lives and struggles of single parents, Myleene Klass has said that she wants to change people’s negative perception of the phrase “single mum”.

Klass, 38, who has been battling on as a single parent to her two daughters – Ava, 8, and Hero, 5 - since her ex-husband Graham Quinn walked out of the marital home four years ago, appeared on ‘Lorraine’ on Tuesday morning (May 31st) to talk about her new programme, which airs the same evening on ITV.

She said that filming the project and speaking to single parents from all walks of life had opened her eyes to the scale of the achievement it takes to actually raise children alone. “(Mum) is the most powerful word in the world and we still don't use it in the way it deserves to be… we always say ‘Do I look a bit Mum?’”

Myleene KlassMyleene Klass at the Ivor Novello Awards 2016

The former Hear’Say singer also argued that there should be solidarity among all people, instead of the constant media-fuelled demonization of lone parents.

“You know what that person’s done to be there... You have a real sense of achievement. You're all in this club together. But let me tell you, I'm proud to be in this club, to have membership of this club.”

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Later the same day, speaking to Metro, she said: “I said ‘did you know the average single mum is 37 years old, and that there are 2 million of us?’ Newsflash – teenagers aren’t even eligible for benefits as they’re seen as children.”

“It’s interesting anyone can have a negative opinion about something they’ve not experienced. Instead of knocking each other down I think it would be nice for us to turn around, acknowledge the amazing work single parents do.”

Speaking about her own experience raising her girls, she said: “Steering my children through the course of this life is actually a wonderful, exciting, challenging thing. My proudest, proudest achievement from today and forever onwards.”

‘Myleene Klass: Single Mums on Benefits’ is broadcast on Tuesday May 31st on ITV at 9pm.

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