Fazer turns down offers to work with stars so he can stay in his sauna.

The N-Dubz star - whose real name is Richard Rawson - has been busy working on his own material and producing tracks for other artists but he joked he's turned some down to relax at home.

He told We Love Pop magazine: ''I've got my own sauna, which is great for my skin and for getting rid of blemishes and stuff. People are trying to get me to go into the studio to work with them and I'm like, 'Nah - I'm in the sauna, man!''

The 25-year-old rapper is preparing to release his debut single 'Killer' which is out on Sunday (26.08.12) but he revealed despite turning his attention to solo material, there will be another N-Dubz album.

He told MTV.co.uk: ''There will be a new N-Dubz album. N-Dubz will always be the base; this is like a Black Eyed Peas type split where we go off, capitalise on three different fan bases and come back bigger than ever.''