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Steve Martin To Lead Cast Of 'Father Of The Bride' Reunion

Steve Martin will star in a one-off 'Father of the Bride' reunion.The 75-year-old actor played the hapless George Banks in the 1991 comedy and its sequel in 1995 and is set to reprise the role...

Parent Trap Cast To Reunite

The cast of the 'Parent Trap' are to reunite on Monday (20.07.20).Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Elaine Hendrix, Lisa Ann Walter, director Nancy Meyers and writer-producer Charles Shyer will be among those marking the 22nd anniversary...

Robert De Niro Says He Enjoys Giving Out Advice To Younger Actors

Of all the stars a young actor could want to get advice from, Robert De Niro is probably at the top of most people’s lists. With a film career spanning over 50 years, the Oscar...

Director Nancy Meyers Cast Her Own Intern In The Intern

In the film, Robert De Niro plays Anne Hathaway's inspiring sidekick and when writer/director Meyers was casting the other actors and actresses for the movie, she decided to offer one role to an...

Meryl Streep Praises Issues In New Movie

Meryl Streep thinks 'Hope Springs' is the 'Blue Valentine' for her generation.The 63-year-old actress - who stars alongside Tommy Lee Jones in the movie - believes the film explores issues and emotions not usually tackled...

Jack Nicholson Upset About Singing Snub

Jack Nicholson was gutted when director Nancy Meyers told him she'd have to cut a karaoke scene from 2003 comedy hit Something's Gotta Give - because he thought his rendition of La Vie En Rose...

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