Naomi Campbell is confident the fashion industry will ''change'' as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The 50-year-old supermodel believes there will be big changes to the industry now people's voices are ''coming out''.

She said: ''Now the whole world is on the same page. The voices are coming out now ... and I look at that with optimism that we will get our change.''

Meanwhile, Naomi previously opened up about racism in the workplace.

She added: ''For me what Black Lives Matter stands for is so much more than police brutality, the reach is from here to the continent of Africa. It matters in the jobs that you get. We need to have our proper place and seat at the table of the boards. I've been saying that for a long time. It's not just when things come up and you scramble and say, 'Let's get this person and that person.' It shouldn't be that way. I worked with Bethann Hardison on the Diversity Coalition, we did that to protect our girls in the industry of fashion. But why is it now that the jobs that do come up, it's a 'diversity role'?

''Because I also feel like they're overqualified for that too. But then you also feel like if I don't take that 'diversity job' - whatever title it is - then I'm not doing something for my people, so it's a Catch-22 in a way.''

And Naomi is ''sick and saddened'' by the racism across the world.

Speaking about the issue, she added: ''I refuse to let the ignorant and the territorial win. I am sick and saddened just like all of you out there. But most importantly, I feel positive that we are going to get the change that we have been wanting for so many hundreds of years. And to be treated the way we should be treated with equal rights and without injustice.''