The much anticipated biopic of the late Princess of Wales opened this Friday (Sept 20th) to anything but a royal reception. 'Diana', starring Naomi Watts should have been an inspiring cinematic experience but the opinion of most critics is of disappointment.


The deception of the Late Princess concentrates on the last two years of her life, focusing on the relationships she had with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed, son of Billionaire 'Harrods' owner, Muhamed Al fayed.

The film's screenplay was based on the 2001 controversial book 'Diana: Her Last Love' by Kate Snell. The director was German's Oscar -nominated Oliver Hirschbiegel and the script was written by Stephen Jeffreys. So what did the critics think?

Many critics were quick to comment on Naomi Watts portrayal of Diana, possibly the only role that is cared for in the film, critics believed Watts got the physical attributes of Diana correct but just wasn't a convincing posh British Royal Princess.

David Sexton of This Is London thought "Although [Watts] assiduously imitates Diana's walk and cadences, her martyred-saint sideways and upwards looks, she just never seems mad or posh or even English enough. She's too nice, too normal".

Cath Clarke from Time Out also said "Watts nails the two-cans-of-hairspray helmet hair and spidery mascara. But her captain-of-the-lacrosse-team, onwards-and-upwards performance is way off the mark".

Watch the 'Diana' tralier here

 The most common judgment among critics was the sloppy and shambolic production of the film, as it doesn't portray a story of one of the world most iconic women.

Donald Clarke from the Irish Times ruthlessly described it as "too stupefyingly dull to compete with Mommie Dearest on the midnight movie circuit".

Another callous attack was made by Tim Robey from the Daily Telegraph who called it "a special class of awful - too frivolous for offence, too epically miscalculated to add to our understanding. On the plus side, it's hysterical".

'Diana' had a lot of anticipation building upon its release and maybe it failed to live up to the hype, but can anyone really capture the true life of the 'world's most famous' women. Watts took a gamble on this role and it seems she was on the losing side.

'Diana' was released in UK cinemas on September 20th 2013.

Diana alonside co-star Naveen Andrews and Directory Oliver Herschbiegel