Naomie Harris says Daniel Craig the best James Bond.

The British actress - who appears in 'Skyfall', the next movie in the hit franchise, as field agent Eve - believes the actor has "reinvented" the role of the iconic British spy.

She said: "There are some great Bonds but I think Daniel totally reinvented Bond and make it his own, which was very impressive and took a lot of guts.

"What I loved about 'Casino Royale' was that for the first time in a Bond film that I was actually moved. That was completely because of Daniel and his performance. I think that's what really got people.

"Although I think Sam [Mendes] does want this one to be a bit lighter."

Naomie is delighted that most of her scenes in 'Skyfall' are alongside Daniel.

She said: "My scenes are largely with Daniel, which is fantastic. You never really know until you start working with someone, but thankfully he's absolutely gorgeous and very open and completely down-to-earth."

The actress is thrilled by her part in the film, but admits she would have signed up regardless of the character.

She told Empire magazine: "I love the Bond movies, so I probably would have done it whatever, but Eve is actually a great role. She's attractive and intelligent and multi-dimensional, she's got a lot going on."