Naomie Harris asks directors not to compliment her until a scene is over.

The ‘No Time To Die’ actress admitted positive praise makes her feel self-conscious and she then struggles to repeat what she’s just been praised on in a new take so always asks for good feedback to be delayed.

She said: “I’m not good with compliments, so I’ll ask the director not to compliment me until we’ve done a series of takes and we’re out of the scene.

“If I’m complimented, it makes me feel self-conscious, and then I feel like I have to repeat what they’ve liked.

“So I’m superstitious bout compliments.”

When she’s working, Naomie insists on taking her own food to work and even has an oven in her trailer because she doesn’t want her meals to be cold.

She said: “I have two massive bags that I take every day. It’s really embarrassing. I’m literally the bag lady.

“I think you just never know.

“You’re in all kinds of situations on film sets. I bring water, I bring my flask, my herbal teas. All my own food and snacks.

“I need a constant supply of good, healthy food. It needs to be organic and clean…

“I never go anywhere near a cold lunch. That’s my idea of absolute hell.

“I don’t even drink cold liquids.

“I have a little oven in my trailer and I heat up my food. And I have a kettle so I heat up all the water as well.”

Although catering is provided on set, the actress doesn’t want to indulge in the unhealthy offerings.

Speaking to Total Film, she added: “In the short term, a sponge pudding or whatever is a nice little treat. But it’s an energy zapper, long term.”