Naomie Harris is finding post-lockdown life ''incredibly challenging''.

The 44-year-old actress has admitted she's had trouble adapting to the new realities of life, having had ''a great time'' during the lockdown itself.

Naomie said: ''I expected life to get back to normal and we have this new normal, which I find incredibly challenging.

''Masks are there to protect us but they do seem like a way of isolating ourselves.''

By contrast, Naomie enjoyed herself during the lockdown period, as she lives on the same street as her family.

The London-born star shared: ''Lockdown for me was actually a really fine experience, because I live on the same street as my family so we were able to be our own bubble.

''We had a great time, cook-offs once a week and baking, and it was like the whole world stopped.

''I had so many awarenesses that were fundamental about my life which I wouldn't have had the opportunity [to have] if I hadn't stopped.

''I think I was way too unbalanced in my life because it was so heavily focused on my career. I think I was working too much and not having enough down time.''

Naomie also believes she benefits hugely from meditating.

Speaking as part of Make For Tomorrow, an arts programme for people with mental health difficulties, she explained: ''It is my lifeline. It's my way of re-centering and shedding the day. I'd go doolally without it.''

Naomie is perhaps best known for playing Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond movies.

And the actress admitted she relishes playing characters who are distinctly different from her real-life self.

She said: ''My favourite characters are always a million miles away from me, I feel straight-jacketed and uncomfortable when characters are too close to me.''