Natalie Dormer has warned women to ''stop slagging off feminism''.

The 'Game of Thrones' actress has revealed she thinks people will be shocked by her new period drama TV movie 'The Scandalous Lady W' because it shows how women were treated 200 years ago, making people realise the importance of the feminist movement.

She explained: ''I think this will be the biggest hurdle for a modern audience to get over - that women in the 18th century were their husbands' property.

''I mean, only 230 years ago in this country, a woman was the property of her husband. That's something women in their 20s should consider when slagging off 'feminism' on Twitter.

''Most girls walking around on the street [are] tweeting and ordering on their Net-a-Porter app [and] have no idea how minute the time is that we have had equality''.

The 33-year-old star continued to say she hopes the BBC film will educate people on ''an era of political and social history'' when women were treated like second-class citizens and the majority of men and all women were forbidden from voting.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Drama invariably sexes things up a bit and simplifies. But I think that is completely valid if it brings an era of political and social history to an audience that wouldn't otherwise know about it.

''When this was set, only 15 per cent of the male population had the vote. Yet everything on the news at the moment is apathy towards politics.

''If we can slip in these little triggers that make people think a bit, then a little bit of artistic license is valid.''