The Torn hitmaker was born in Sydney of Italian and British descent, and she moved to London at the age of 18 after quitting her breakthrough role in hit soap opera Neighbours.

She has lived in the country ever since and finally succeeded in obtaining British citizenship in 2013 after an intense study of U.K. history and culture, and now she wants to perform in a Shakespeare stage show to prove her love for her adopted nation.

Imbruglia tells British magazine Event, "I took the test, which involves learning a hell of a lot about English history, politics, and I can answer any question on the suffragette movement. I pledged my allegiance to the Queen and when I got my British passport I had a party to celebrate. It was very important for me to do it and I was determined because I love this country. I'm still an Aussie girl but Britain is part of who I am. Britain has been good to me - I have roots and history here and a lot of really close friends.

"I feel very British - I love afternoon tea and crumpets, and running in Hyde Park... I feel l've grown up here. I love the Royal Family, I love the theatre, and my absolute dream would be to do Shakespeare - maybe a comedy."