Natalie Imbruglia finds the single life ''lonely sometimes.''

The 'Torn' hitmaker - who was born in Australia and relocated to the UK 20 years ago - may have become stronger as a person following her divorce from Silverchair rocker Daniel Johns, 36, over seven years ago but has admitted she's still plagued by the feeling of isolation from time-to-time.

Speaking to Australia's OK! magazine, she said: ''Standing on my own two feet for so long has made me self-sufficient. I'm a survivor. And sure, I can get lonely sometimes, but then you can get lonely in a crowd.''

The 40-year-old singer, who is currently single, has been had a number of relationship since her split from Daniel, whom she married in 2003 and divorced in 2008, but prefers to keep her romances close to her chest.

She added: ''I have been in love and had relationships, you just don't hear about it because I'm a private person.''

Meanwhile, despite having to go through a gut-wrenching divorce in the public eye, the brunette stunner recently admitted her high level of fame almost sent her ''insane'' due to her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

She said previously: ''I was anxious, nervous, stressed out and scared. I didn't want to go outside in case people recognised me. It nearly sent me insane. I felt I had to live up to 'Torn'. I didn't write it, but I was a part of the reason it was so successful.

''I felt so much pressure to live up to those expectations, then I was expected to top it. That was really hard for me.''

She added: ''I have OCD, which can be a problem because I'm not good with change. My motto is 'No Surprises'. It's an OCD from my mother. It is hard.''