Natalie Imbruglia wants to have a baby.

The 40-year-old singer - who has been romantically linked with David Schwimmer and Prince Harry since splitting from husband Daniel Johns in 2008 - is keen to start a family but knows she needs to find a partner first.

She said: ''I want children, that's something that's important to me. But there aren't any men around, so that bit needs to be sorted first.

''I was career-focused from such a young age and wanted to conquer the world, but now I just want to be happy.''

The 'Torn' hitmaker finds it difficult to meet guys and would like to try online dating but thinks her fame would make it impossible.

She said: ''I said I was thinking of going on Tinder during a radio interview and it caused a stir, but I'm not on there.

''You don't meet people in a bar any more, that's an old concept - a lot of people meet online, but I can't, I meet people through friends.''

As she is getting older, Natalie's outlook on life has changed and she has ''chilled out'' a lot.

She told Closer magazine: ''It's age, wisdom and going through a lot in your life that helps you realise what you want.

''If you take things so seriously, you miss the moments and you're not having fun.

''I define success by being happy now and have chilled out a lot. I still care about doing well, but not out of perspective.''