Natalie Imbruglia was "so body dysmorphic and insecure" when she shot her 'Torn' music video.

The 47-year-old singer-and-actress helped usher in a new style era with the hoodie and baggy army pants she wore for the 1997 promo but she admitted she wasn't trying to set a trend as she opted for the baggy clothing because she was so uncomfortable with the idea of people looking at her body.

She said: “The army pants weren’t even cool army pants – they weren’t in fashion or anything.

“My intention in wearing that was so that you couldn’t see my silhouette, because I didn’t want anyone to see. But it ended up that there was a power in that because it was like [seen as] androgyny cool. But it really came from a place of ‘thank god I don’t have to wear a dress!’”

The former 'Neighbours' actress admitted she was "really insecure" as a songwriter when she worked on her debut album, 'Left of the Middle', because she was worried about her "cheesy" background as a "stage-school kid" amid fears of being forced to leave the UK and return to Australia.

She told “I couldn’t get a work permit and I couldn’t get jobs. When I signed my record deal, my UK visa was about to run out and I owed two grand to my landlord...

“I had grown up as a stage-school kid – I was a trained performer. But in some ways, that felt a little bit cheesy compared to what I was trying to do [as an artist].

"So I couldn’t kind of marry those things in my head.

"And you know, I was in debt and I’d been famous for being on this TV show.”