The 40 year old has remained largely away from the dating scene since her five-year marriage to rocker Daniel Johns ended in divorce in 2008, but Imbruglia admits she has not given up her dream of having children.

She tells the London Evening Standard, "I am a bit behind the curve as far as family is concerned, but that doesn't bother me right now. I am still hopeful that I will meet someone. And yes, I may well look into other options (for babies) if I don't, but right now, I have got time. I don't stress about it. I live in the moment. I would really love to be a mum. And it is something that is going to happen."

She adds of her recent dating experiences, "I do get asked out, but not often. I seem to always go for the wrong 'uns (sic) - I'm never attracted to the kind of men I'm supposed to be attracted to."