Sexy Natalie Martinez has opened up about her nightmare experiences filming Death Race on a largely all-male set, insisting she didn't feel very safe at times.
The actress teamed up with Jason Statham for the fast-paced and violent 2008 film and admits there were times she had to ask her British co-star to talk to his castmates about the way they treated her when the cameras weren't rolling.
Martinez claims the extras took their macho, prison inmate roles too seriously and started treating her like a piece of meat.
The actress, who played Case in the film, recalls, "There were a lot of thuggish-looking people on the set in Death Race and they were very intimidating. They were really mean and there was no respect.
"The guys would say things about my butt or my body and be a little disrespectful on set where I'd be like, 'Jason, can you beat them up for me?'
"I didn't feel comfortable walking from the trailer through the prison yard. When they'd shoot the prison scenes, boy were they in character!"