Forbes has released their most bankable Hollywood stars list for 2012, and topping the list is Natalie Portman

Portman brings back $42.70 for every $1 she's paid which makes her a very lucrative investment for any film maker. Her first movie was Leon: The Professional way back in 1994, which was not only successful at the time but has gained something of a cult status. Her roles since have been diverse and interesting, including V for Vendetta, the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the multi-award winning Black Swan. However, as Forbes notes, it's that she's simply not being paid enough for her talents and appeal that push her to the top of the table. To put her numbers in perspective, the most overpaid actor in Hollywood is Eddie Murphy who brings back just $2.30 for every $1 he's paid. 

Following close behind in second place is Kristen Stewart largely for her starring role in the Twilight Saga, she makes film companies $40.60 for every dollar paid. In third is Shia LaBoeuf, perhaps a little surprising, but his roles in The Transformers movies - enormous summer blockbusters that have never failed to make millions upon millions of dollars- have pushed him into the top 5. He'll probably not be seen here again having said that he'll not be appearing in anymore movies of the franchise.

In at number four is K-Stew's colleague and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson whose Water For Elephants sees him drop just below his girlfriend having not grossed as much as her Snow White and the Huntsman. For every dollar paid, he brings back $31.70. Finishing the top five is Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, and his $1 makes $30.50. 

The rest of the top ten include:Taylor Lautner ($29.50 for every $1), Bradley Cooper ($25 for every $1), Dwayne Johnson ($22.70 for every $1), Amy Adams ($22.60 for every $1), Kevin James ($22.40 for every $1).