Actress Natalie Portman ditched some of her favourite beauty products after becoming a first-time mum in order to make her body more baby-friendly.
The Black Swan star welcomed son Aleph with her husband Benjamin Millepied last year (11), forcing her to cut down on her early morning make-up routine.
She tells America's Ok! Magazine, "Everything needs to be a lot simpler now! And it needs to be faster because I have much less time for anything."
And the actress reveals she has grown more cautious of the lotions and items she puts on her skin - because the little boy constantly has her hands in his mouth.
She adds, "I really want to make sure that everything I use doesn't have chemicals in it. It has to be really clean, because you know that your child ends up eating whatever you have on your skin or on your hands. And nail polish is the big thing too, because nail polish can be very toxic."
Portman is not the only actress to worry about potentially hazardous materials coming in contact with her children - Jessica Alba founded eco-friendly baby firm The Honest Company after the birth of her first daughter out of similar concerns for the tot's health.