The Score had a ''deep life convo'' with Natasha Bedingfield at a party thrown by Nick Jonas.

The indie pop band - consisting of friends Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover - have just been signed to Republic Records off the back of their catchy tune 'All My Love' and revealed that just a few weeks ago they ended up at the 'Chains' hitmaker's house chatting to the British songstress.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, lead singer Eddie recalled: ''There was only like 20 people there at the party. You know it's funny, and who is a very sweet person? I don't know how this happened but we ended up having like a 20-minute a deep life convo with Natasha Bedingfield. We were just talking and we're all kind of drinking and I'm like, doing my like British accent. She's really sweet. We were talking about some deep stuff, I don't know how we got onto it. She's really cool though.''

Edan said: ''She's super cool and down to earth. She had some really massive songs.''

But the pair were even more thrilled to be ''eating tacos and drinking tequilas'' at the pop superstar's party and with the massages they received.

Edan added: ''Yeah, getting massaged from a pretty cute Russian girl. I did not think that was gonna happen! It was like, 'Now we're in LA, at Nick Jonas' party, getting massages!' ''

The boys released their debut EP 'Where Do You Run' last week and are working on their album of the same title due out early 2016.

But they're grateful for people like Ariana Grande - who is also signed to Republic Records - for reassuring them that they're in good hands.

Eddie shared: ''We met Ariana Grande. She was like, 'Welcome to the family!' She said, 'You've made the right choice, you're with great people.' ''

Edan added: ''It's gratifying because you're literally going insane. You think what you're doing is good, people tell you what you're doing is good, but there's always part of you that's insecure, do I know what the hell I'm doing? So getting signed is like, 'OK, here's a professional seal of approval.' You know what you're doing and you're making money from it.''

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