Actress Natasha Henstridge is hoping for a baby girl when she starts a family with her new husband Darius Campbell as she has always longed for a daughter.
The Species star, who has two sons, Tristan, 12, and Asher, nine, from a previous relationship, wed the Scottish singer last month (Feb11) in a secret ceremony in California.
The couple is already making plans to have children, and Henstridge admits she wants a new addition to be a girl.
She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "We'd love to (have children) and, God willing, we will. We've spoken about it for the seven years we've been together... It's always an adjustment but my boys would love it. I'm a tomboy but there's a lot of male energy. It would be incredible to have a girl, to have a little oestrogen in the house."
And Campbell, previously known as Darius Danesh, is also keen to become a first-time father, adding, "I believe a man's life isn't complete without experiencing fatherhood. My dad invented the first heart and lung machine for premature babies, yet he says his proudest achievement was his three sons. It's very humbling and reminds me that family is the most important thing."