The actress has just returned from a trip to Bjork's homeland and admits she was so taken by the people and the low temperatures that she started looking into buying property.

She says, "They (Icelandic people) love wool, fish, they get very excited when it's not dark anymore... I think there's a lot of depression that kicks in... We really started to think about getting a summer home there... (and met with) real estate brokers.

"The houses are great looking and the people are very interesting... The heat is disgusting, just in general in the rest of the world. I don't like heat, I don't like shorts, I don't like the filth and the muck that comes with it ... I don't like having my limbs exposed. It makes me very tense.

"If you live in New York... When I see, like, a man in flip-flops and they're on the subway, nothing makes me sicker... I think it's disgusting... It's nauseating.

"When the snow comes, I think to myself, 'This is nice'. First of all everybody's covered up like respectable people and there's not a bunch of scumbags running around, sweating... with their fanny packs and their Metro (travel) cards and their flip-flops... I can't handle that."