Review of The Message / Get This Right Single by Nate James

Nate James
The Message / Get This Right – One Two
Uk Release Date 26th Septmeber

Nate James The Message / Get This Right Single

Nate, talented, fact, unquestionable but what is questionable is the labels dogged to make Nate something he ain't. I'll explain, "Set The Tone", an absolute classic, to use it as a set up track is near criminal, but in their infinite wisdom that is what the label did. Next comes near panic, as the set up single doesn't get quite to the levels that you need for a set up single. So the label goes from quality to pop in one swoop with "Universal", it doesn't work, oh what a surprise, not. So what do they do, do they think oh perhaps we have got this wrong and that we should nurture Nate towards a market place that he looks right for, sounds right and seems at his most comfortable in. Err no, lets go with another pop track, so "The Message" is the new single but thankfully some bright spark has at least put "Get This Right" on as the flip. This melodic classy soulful swayer, that is as catch and hooky as you want but still has that credible edge to keep both the real heads and the cross over crew happy. Who says you can't keep all of the people happy all of the time, you could have with this cut.

3/5 for the second track!

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