He's already watched Fun.'s lead guitarist break away to do his own new thing, but now frontman Nate Ruess has finally made the decision to go solo for the first time with his upcoming debut album 'Grand Romantic'. And after this emotional onslaught, you'll sort of feel like you know him personally.

Nate Ruess promoNate Ruess is soon to release solo album 'Grand Romantic'

Ruess admits that while he always writes personal songs, his new album marks a very thorough digging through of feelings and memories. A cathartic experience for the songwriter, who admits he's had a very personal issues to contemplate over the writing process and finds it difficult to write from an objective perspective.

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'As much as I try to sit at a coffee shop and see the person next to me and think 'what are they going through?' I'm too much of a narcissist and I'm hyper-focussed on my own problems', he said in an interview with Contactmusic.com. 'I think of albums as a chance to look back and look at mistakes and things like that.'

As for what sort of 'problems' influenced his songwriting, love was a huge factor. But it seems in the early days, writing about girlfriends wasn't without its consequences. 'I used to have ex-girlfriends who'd be asking 'Is that about me? Is that about me? Is that about me?' and I had to explain 'nah, that was about someone else,' or 'I just made that up'', he says. 'I certainly learned necessary damage control.' It's a good thing awkward situations didn't put him off either, more for his sake than ours. 

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'It's the only time for me to spend some real time with my true feelings', he confesses. It's extra wonderful that he has such an outlet for his emotions, given that he's struggled in the past with depression. As much as he likes to write from the heart, however, he's all about making sure listeners can relate to his songs. 'They're not supposed to be so specific that the listener can't internalise them', he explains. 'The more I perform the songs, the more that they take a different shape. I like that, because I think that maybe the listener will feel the same thing.'

'Grand Romantic' is out on June 16th 2015.

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