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Nathalie Emmanuel Calls For Representation To Be Addressed On Tv

Nathalie Emmanuel thinks major TV shows need to address representation issues ''from the beginning''.The 31-year-old actress portrayed Missandei,the sole major black female character in 'Game of Thrones' and she admitted she and co-star Jacob Anderson,...

Game Of Thrones Star Nathalie Emmanuel Says The Ending Is 'Brilliant'

The end of Game of Thrones is nigh with the final six episodes in season eight due to air in April this year. So far, star Maisie Williams has said some fans may not be...

Nathalie Emmanuel Promises 'Game Of Thrones' Series Finale Won't Be A "Rushed Conclusion"

Though it's still got around a year until its debut, the final season of 'Game of Thrones' seems to be all anybody can talk about right now! The influx of news and teasers surrounding the...

Nathalie Emmanuel Admits Adoration For Charlize Theron

Nathalie Emmanuel has gone from small-time TV actress to big-time Hollywood film star with the 'Fast and Furious' franchise. And if it wasn't enough that she was invited to reprise her role of Ramsey in...

Nathalie Emmanuel Wants 'Heroic' Game Of Thrones Death

Nathalie Emmanuel wants a ''heroic'' 'Game of Thrones' death.The 26-year-old actress admitted she is already thinking about how she might be killed off in the HBO series -in which she plays handmaiden Missandei - and...

Game Of Thrones Writers Hid Monty Python Jokes In Script

Words featured in George R.R. Martin's original books were used to construct languages for the various tribes in the show, and creator/writer D. B. Weiss suggested lightening the mood by translating Python gags...

Michelle Keegan "Huge" Game Of Thrones Fan & Would Go Nude For Role

Some viewers may have problems with the amount of nudity in Game of Thrones but not former Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan. The 27-year-old actress revealed she would be happy to go nude for Game...

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