Nathan Followill has predicted "rock is going to have another renaissance".

The Kings Of Leon rocker discussed the state of rock 'n' roll with his musician wife, Jessie Baylin, and he believes the genre will have another heyday because it's a "much-needed thing".

Nathan told The Independent: “My wife asked me this last night after dinner ‘Are you excited?'

“She said, ‘You guys really have a chance for rock ’n’ roll to step back up now and be a part of the conversation.’ Because it has really faded off. Or other types of music have become more popular in the mainstream. But I am definitely very hopeful that rock is going to have another renaissance, because I think rock ‘n’ roll is a much-needed thing for everybody. I think it’s a great form of relief.”

The 41-year-old Kings of Leon drummer's comments come after Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine suggested bands are a "dying breed" this week.

The 'Beautiful Mistakes' singer - who has Dusty, four, and Gio, three, with wife Behati Prinsloo - has been introducing his youngest daughter to some of the old artists and bands he listened to in the noughties, like Avril Lavigne, and declared that there "aren't any bands anymore" that are "in the pop limelight" and it makes him "sad".

Adam, also 41, said: "You look back at that stuff and, it's funny, I've been showing my kid music videos, my little girl. And it's funny how you go back and re-watch like these old videos, and listen to these old songs, and I've been playing her a lot of Avril Lavigne records. Like, dude, 'I'm With You' is like - It's, yeah, that gives you tears. It's crazy, because you don't remember it in the same way, because you took it for granted, because it was like when you were growing up, and it was just part of what you had on the radio. But there's some really great songs that I didn't understand how good they were back then. It's funny, when the first Maroon 5 album came out there were still other bands. I feel like there aren't any bands anymore, you know? That's the thing that makes me kind of sad, is that there were just bands. There's no bands anymore, and I feel like they're a dying breed. And so I kind of, in a weird way, as far as ... I mean, there still are plenty of bands, and maybe they're not in the limelight quite as much, or in the pop limelight, but I wish there could be more of those around."

Meanwhile, in a separate interview promoting their new album, 'When You See Yourself', King's of Leon's frontman Caleb Followill admitted he is "sour" that the band didn't have more kudos before they released their 2008 landmark single, 'Sex on Fire'.

He told NME: “There comes a point when you can either be proud of what you’ve accomplished or you can still sit back and be sour over it. My sour side was never because of the music itself, it was because I thought we should have gotten that kind of recognition earlier on in our career.”

The musician also admitted that Kings of Leon might not still be about now without 'Only By The Night’, the acclaimed LP featuring 'Sex on Fire'.

He added: "When lighting strikes, it strikes. There’s no way you can recreate it or bottle it up. Without that album, who knows if we’d still be making records today.”