The Wanted might be done for the time being, but one of the members are coming back in a big way. Singer/songwriter and former member of the UK boyband, Nathan Sykes, just dropped his debut solo track titled, ‘More Than You’ll Ever Know.’

Nathan Sykes Promo ShotNathan Sykes' debut solo track is the jazzy 'More Than You'll Ever Know'

‘More Than You’ll Ever Know’ is available through Sykes’ Facebook page, and the song itself is definitely not what you’d expect given his previous track record. Soulful and jazzy, Sykes’ vocals clearly haven’t lost its edge over the past year or so since The Wanted’s end. In fact, it might just be the best thing we’ve heard from the 21-year-old yet.

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Watch the video for More Than You Ever Know

Sykes insists that the song is not the first single off his upcoming album despite being the first track released, tweeting, “My first single will be out in spring but as you’ve all been so amazingly patient I didn’t want you to wait until then.” Slated for a release sometime in 2015, Sykes has been in the studio at work on his debut solo effort where he’s collaborated with the likes of Diane Warren (Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera) and Babyface (Fall Out Boy, Madonna).

Sykes is also taking his solo stuff on the road. For the first time, he’ll be touring as a solo artist, playing a couple of dates across the UK starting April 9 until April 15.

Ariana Grande and Nathan SykesNathan Sykes' solo album will reportedly have a song about ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande

What else can we expect from Sykes’ brand new album? A heartbreaking song dedicated to ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande, apparently. “It’s a really nice song even though it is quite heartbreaking,” Sykes told MTV News. “It’s got a really nice message with it. It’s just the song that [says] you can’t be angry at any situation because sometimes things just don’t work out and you’ve just got to roll with it and move on.” Sykes and Grande were a couple before calling it quits early last year, but more importantly, they were responsible for the heartfelt duet, ‘Almost Is Never Enough,’ which was included on Grande’s 2013 full-length, Yours Truly. You can probably count out Grande doing any guest vocal spots for Sykes’ record, but if ‘More Than You’ll Ever Know’ is a good look into what the album might sound like, then it’ll do completely fine on its own.

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But, for those still heartbroken over the loss of The Wanted and unwilling to accept Sykes’ solo venture, you might be in luck: he recently said that The Wanted aren’t exactly broken up, just taking a break. "We didn't break up. We're taking a break as a band," Sykes told People. "We all just felt it was time to do our own things and then look in the future – with the amazing fan base that we had – to have something to come back to."