Since The Wanted decided to take a lengthy break, the boy band's youngest member Nathan Sykes is currently attempting have a go at being a solo artist and he is in the midst of recording his debut album.

Nathan Sykes
Sykes is currently recording his debut solo album

The 21-year-old singer defiantly wants to make a statement with his first solo venture as he is trying to acquire the help of the recent 4-time Grammy winner, and fellow Brit, Sam Smith for a collaboration.

"Sam Smith at the Grammys was just insane," Sykes recently told E!News while recording his new record. "I've listening to a lot of Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and I'm living in hope for this Adele album. So, yes, I am quite biased toward the Brits."

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The talented singer revealed that he and Sam have actually been communicating about teaming up for a possible duet. "We've spoken about going into the studio before and I think it's quite likely going to happen over the next year," he said. "It'll be insane. I think it'll be such a great opportunity to create something really cool."

Sykes also told the publication that his new solo sound will be "soulful pop," and despite achieving success with The Wanted, he still has to prove himself as an independent artist.

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"I think people just kind of saw me as the baby-faced one from The Wanted and the young one who sang like a couple of verses in 'Glad You Came,'" he said. "This is an opportunity to show that I can write and produce really good music."

Sam Smith
Sykes is trying to organize a collaboration with Sam Smith

It is also worth noting that the upcoming album will also feature a song depicting Sykes' breakup with Ariana Grande, but the British star quickly stated that it isn't a diss track. "It's a very nice breakup song," Sykes said. "I think if people are expecting me to throw shade.that's not going to happen. I'm not that type of person. I'd like be known to be a very kindhearted person."