Naughty Boy says ''every day is a challenge'' as his mother battles dementia.

The 35-year-old producer is living with his mum Zahida, 66, and her full-time carer during the Covid-19 lockdown and revealed that he is constantly searching for ''glimpses'' of his mother as she struggles with the degenerative disease.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', he said: ''Every day is a challenge. But it's a beautiful challenge. I look for glimpses, as long as I get a few glimpses a day of who Mum really is.

''A lot of that is to do with love, when I get a love vibration from her or something that reminds me that I'm her youngest son and she's my mum, she's still there.

''You know you can get caught up in thinking: something is peeling away at this person's brain. It includes memories it includes feelings, it comes and goes. The bad bits happen, but I focus on the good parts.''

And Naughty Boy - who is supporting Dementia UK's Lives on Hold campaign - revealed he is using music to connect with his mother.

He explained: ''Playing the song she got married to, it brings up a smile - great memories.

''Lately Mum has been asking to watch the 'La La La' video and she says it's her favourite video, so for me to be able to do that with my own mother and my own music, that is a game-changer.

''I'm so privileged that I can afford a live in carer and having someone in the house caring for your mum.

''What Mum needs is real, human interaction and love and music, and I've learned so much throughout lockdown. I've found a comfortable space and something that sometimes feels like a bit of a circus.''