Naughty Boy and Gemma Collins have been forced to postpone plans to release a song this summer.

The music producer - whose real name is Shahid Khan - and the reality TV star were due to a drop a tune last Christmas but that didn't work out, and now their summer assault on the charts has been derailed due to the pair's busy schedules.

An insider said: ''Gemma and Shahid have been forced to cancel any plans to put out a song this summer.

''They were supposed to be working on a song that was going to be released last Christmas but their hectic schedules didn't match up.

''And now it's like deja vu as it's happened all over again.''

As well as their hectic schedules, the coronavirus pandemic has also played a part in delaying the pair's potential hit.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''She has been so busy filming her TV shows, and Shahid's schedule is always packed.

''On top of that, coronavirus happened so any thoughts of getting together had to go in the bin.''

In August last year, it was reported Gemma had signed a record deal with Universal Music Group, after Naughty Boy tipped her to make it big in the music industry.

He said: ''She was born to sing, it's just that she's actually taken a different route with it.

''But I think Gemma is going to have one of the biggest songs of the year, I can say that with my hand on my heart.

''It's definitely a romantic song and Gemma's got such a big heart, it makes a lot of sense of her whole life right now.''

Naughty Boy had ''instant synergy'' with Gemma when he was introduced to her at the BRIT Awards last year.