Naughty Boy thinks Beyonce is ''spiritual''.

The producer loved working with the singer on new track 'Running' and was pleased she agreed to work with him because she didn't ''need'' to.

He said: ''Working with Beyonce is amazing. She's very spiritual. She doesn't need to feature on a Naughty Boy song, but the fact she has is just testament to her.''

And Beyonce isn't the only singer he has been working with, as he's very excited about an upcoming collaboration with Natasha Bedingfield.

He told ''I've done a song with Natasha Bedingfield from my new album. And I'm really excited about that.

I love the fact that people remember her. I'm working with Keiza too for my pop album.''

While Naughty Boy has pop beauties queuing up to work with him, one stunning star who didn't seem in a rush to spend time with the producer is Neelam Gill.

The Burberry model - who has been romantically linked with the musician's former collaborator-turned-foe Zayn Malik - left the Sony technology 'Made for Bond' featuring the RX100 IV camera event in London last night (12.10.15) shortly after he arrived and didn't seem too keen to be seen with him.

An onlooker said: ''Neelam wouldn't pose for pictures with Naughty Boy and made a pretty sharp exit once he came in with his pals.''

Other stars in attendance at the bash included 'Spectre' star Naomie Harris, actors Adam Deacon, Ralf Little and Jeremy Piven, presenters Donna Air and Paddy McGuinness, designer Giles Deacon and director Dexter Fletcher.