The most shocking break up news of the week goes to Glee star Naya Rivera and now ex-fiancee Big Sean. The pair have called it quits amid rumours of infidelity and Rolex theft. Naya tweeted “@bigsean stealing rolexes from a lady’s house now. Maybe cuz I’m on Glee and making more money or something. #triflin.” Although the tweet was quickly removed, the plot is definitely thickening.

Naya Rivera Big SeanNaya Rivera and Big Sean have called time on their relationship

These others celebs also decided to end their very high profile engagements, although none of them accused each other of stealing expensive watches. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck AKA Bennifer were a bit of an odd couple to even begin with. In 2003 the couple were involved in an extremely high profile relationship, going so far as to co-star in a couple of god awful movies. The engagement was broken off in 2004, allegedly because Ben wasn’t ready to give up single life. Which makes sense because a year later he married Jennifer Garner. Burnnnnn.

Even stranger than Bennifer was the bizarre coupling of Evan Rachel Wood and goth rocker Marilyn Manson. Evan was just 20 at the time, 18 years younger than Manson who was married to burlesque performer Dita Von Teese. The pair met on the set of Manson’s film Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, Manson soon after divorced Von Teese and became engaged to Wood in 2010. The pair broke the engagement off later that year.  Wood is now married to Billy Elliott star Jamie Bell and the pair have a son together.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt were Hollywood’s golden couple back in the mid-90s. Gwyneth was just 23 years old and their engagement only lasted six months. Paltrow has later stated that she was a “mess” during her engagement to Pitt and wasn’t ready to be married so young.  Brad Pitt went on to marry Jennifer Aniston, while Gwyneth married Chris Martin.  Both marriages are now splitsville.

Chris Klein and Katie Holmes seemed like the perfect couple. With his curtains and her dimples, the pair seemed to be made of sugar and spice, except it wasn’t all that nice. It turns out that Klein had issues with alcoholism, while Katie wanted to transition into making Hollywood blockbusters. Their engagement was called off and Katie was soon married to Tom Cruise and had become one of the most high profile stars in the world.  Chris Klein is rarely seen, or heard of.

Ryan Reynolds Blake LivelyRyan Reynolds is now married to Gossip Girl star Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morrisette may seem like an odd pair, but the two were smitten with each other for five years. The pair broke up in 2007, Reynolds then married Scarlett Johansson, who he then divorced and is now married to Blake Lively. Dude just loves getting married it seems!

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