Naya Rivera has been fired from Glee, according to reports alleging that the singer and actress' feud with co-star Lea Michele lead to her being cut from the rest of the fifth season. 27 year-old Rivera's contract with the musical TV drama has reportedly not been renewed for the sixth season.

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera Has Reportedly Been Cut From The Remaining Episodes Of 'Glee.'

Rivera's rep has told THR that the reports are "absolutely untrue" but the actress has been noticeably absent from recent promo for the show and her trailer has already been towed away from the studio lot, according to Us Weekly.

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Rivera's alleged feud with Glee core cast member, Lea Michele, has persistently been touted as a reason for her falling out of favour with the makers of the show, as is the rumour that the Californian star "went off" during a disagreement with the show's producers.

Naya Rivera Lunch Cecconis
Rivera Has Also Been Dropped From Her Label, Columbia Records.

Rivera, who plays catty cheerleader Santana Lopez on the show, is rumoured to have clashed persistently with rival Lea, with insiders revealing that the pair "talk behind each other's backs- a lot." Another said "Naya is jealous that Lea is the show's main star."

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If the firing from Glee is proved true, the news will be a lethal double hit for Rivera's public image as she contends with having been dropped from Columbia Records. Multiple sources have confirmed the news to Billboard, leading to speculation over whether the decision to drop was made as a result of the singer having not released an album since her signing in 2011.

Jane Lynch
'Glee' Star Jane Lynch Reacted With Surprise & Sadness To The News Of Naya's Departure.

What's Naya's Big Sean-featuring debut single, 'Sorry,' failed to break into the Hot 100, having sold just 34,000 downloads to date. To pile more on to the actress' woes, she suffered a very public split from fiancé Big Sean last month when the couple abruptly called off their wedding.

Pursued by photographers yesterday, Jane Lynch, who plays Glee coach Sue Sylvester, reacted with surprise to being told that Rivera would not be returning to the FOX show. "That's upsetting," the actress said, adding "You're asking me about drama that I'm not even involved in" when asked whether the Glee producers were taking sides in the Lea/Naya debacle.

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