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Ne-Yo Thinks A Collaboration With Rihanna Is Long 'overdue'

Ne-Yo Rihanna

Ne-Yo thinks a collaboration with Rihanna is long ''overdue''.

The 37-year-old singer, who teamed up with the Bajan beauty in 2009 on the track 'Hate That I Love You', has admitted he is desperate to work with the 'Work' hitmaker on another hit record in the near future.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about the 28-year-old songstress, he said: ''We've been moving opposite directions - not with animosity or anything like that.

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R'n'B Star Ne-Yo Marries Girlfriend Crystal Renay


Ne-Yo and fiancée Crystal Renay have finally tied the knot, just weeks before they are due to welcome their first child together. According to People, the wedding took place on Saturday (February 20th) in front of family and friends on at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, near Los Angeles.

Ne-Yo and Crystal RenayNe-Yo has tied the knot with fiancée Crystal Renay.

"We can't wait to start our life together,” the ‘Money Can't Buy’ singer told the magazine. "We're looking forward to just being each others' best friend." The couple began dating in 2015 after meeting to set-up a possible collaboration for his album Non-Fiction.

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Taylor Swift Returns To Number 1, Matches Whitney Houston's Record

Taylor Swift Whitney Houston Ed Sheeran Meghan Trainor Sam Smith Ne-Yo Fall Out Boy Mark Ronson Nicki Minaj Maroon 5

Taylor Swift has returned to the top of the American album charts yet again, making her only the second woman in Billboard history to have more than one album that has clocked up ten or more weeks at Number 1.

Her fifth album 1989 racked up equivalent sales of 101,000 in the week ending February 1st, consisting of 71,000 pure album sales, according to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan. It has now spent ten non-consecutive weeks atop the chart, replicating the feat she achieved over 2008-09 with her second album Fearless.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has equalled a chart record held by only six other artists

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Ne-Yo - R.E.D Album Review

Ne-Yo's latest album 'R.E.D' is released on Motown Records. There's no doubt Ne-Yo is an excellent songwriter who has established himself as a reputable r'n'b and soul star, who continues to write for other artists receiving worldwide acclaim. 'R.E.D' is his first release on Motown and features popular artists such as Tim Mcgraw and Calvin Harris, as well as his smash hit 'Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)'. 

Ne-Yo - R.E.D Album Review

'R.E.D' has some great tracks like 'Miss Right', a smooth soul track with great harmony and feeling. 'Jealous' has a similar feel that is produced very well. Tracks like 'Be The One', 'Shut Me Down' and 'Let's Go' are bringing the fusion of modern dance music to soul with a youthful modernity. 'She Is' featuring Tim Mcgraw has a wonderful song writing quality to it and the duo bring heartfelt pop vocals to this track also. 

Ne-Yo is a quality artist who is displaying professionalism and sophistication in his delivery of soul music. There are some great unexpected moments that stand out and although I feel this highlights Ne-Yo as a credible song writer, the production of newer fusions of music may be more appropriate for a younger audience. However, it's all well put together and soul continues to be relevant with acts like Ne-Yo bringing heartfelt emotion to the mix.

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Alicia Keys, Fall Out Boy And More Confirmed For NBA All-Star Weekend

Alicia Keys Ne-Yo John Legend Fall Out Boy Ellie Goulding Phillip Phillips Nick Cannon

Didn't get your fill with the last dose of State-side halftime entertainment, well the NBA All-Star Weekend is here to help, with the show's line-up trying its best to out do Beyonce and co. last Sunday.

Taking place in Houston on Feb. 16-17, the showcase will be an all-star event in more than just b'ball-ability terms. Alicia Keys will be holding down the reigns at the halftime performance, whilst Ne-Yo will be performing before the main event. John Legend will perform the United States national anthem before the game. On the Saturday before, the newly reformed Fall Out Boy will be providing the half-time entertainment, their first live performance sine their 2009 split, whilst Ellie Goulding will play before the game.

The entertainment isn't just resigned to the match schedule though, as the full weekend of entertainment will also see American Idol winner Phillip Phillips performing on Saturday during the day, which will coincide with the time-honoured Skills Challenge, the Three-Point Contest and Slam Dunk Contest — all of which will be presided over by Nick Cannon.

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Ne-Yo And Pepsi: Beyonce's Incredible Collaborations For 2013

Beyonce Knowles Ne-Yo

In one week it's reported that Beyonce has teamed up with Pepsi for a $50m investment and advertising deal, as well as Ne-Yo confirming their collaboration on her next album.

Speaking to MTV news on Friday Ne-Yo spoke about their future participation, "I actually just spoke to her tonight about that before we got here... So definitely going to get in some stuff with her." Ne-Yo is the man behind Beyonce's hit record 'Irreplacable' and knowing fans are looking for something of that tone and calibre, he added: "Who knows? Maybe we'll get another 'Irreplaceable' out of the batch. You never know." He also teased fans by implying that her new material might be reaching our ears sooner than we had dared to hope. "She's already gearing up to get ready to put stuff out," he said. "I'm sure there will probably be a couple records you hear before the Super Bowl gets here. 

As well as her new album (with Ne-Yo onboard), her scheduled performance at the Superbowl halftime show and her self produced documentary about herself, Beyonce has also signed a deal with Pepsi worth $50m. In a revolutionary new way of corporations teaming up with artists, Pepsi's $50m will be partly an investment to her music, and partly payment for her being used in their advertisements, reports The New York Times. 

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Only A Few Hours Until The Grammy Nominations Concert: Let's Preview.

Taylor Swift LL Cool J Ne-Yo One Direction Grammy Awards

The Grammy nominations concert does more than just tell us who's in line for an award come 2013, it's a chance to catch the hottest acts performing on stage. It's more than just a nominations show; it's a warm up.

LL Cool J and Taylor Swift will be hosting affairs. An unlikely match you might say, but they've proved their on stage chemistry by working well together in an ad for the Grammys earlier on in the year. All eyes will be on One Direction, as their name being called out will mean more than a Grammy, but a public coming together of Harry Styles and Swift, who have been rumoured to be dating recently. Depending on how the next few months go, it could be explosive, awkward or both - either way it'll make for great television. Maroon 5, Ne-Yo, and The Who will all be performing, and can boast Grammy pedigree in their ranks, with nominations, wins and past live shows amongst the pack.

Ne-Yo spoke with MTV News last weekend, saying that he might use the event to bring up some album-title drama with Swift. "I can honestly say that even though I don't believe in accident or coincidence, it is completely coincidental that we keep winding up in the same places, even that our album titles are similar," he said about his album named R.E.D. and hers named Red. "It's completely coincidental, but like I said, I don't believe in coincidence, so it's got to mean something." Tune in to CBS at 10 p.m. ET/PT to see what goes down.

Out Now: UK Album Releases (Nov 5), Robbie Williams, JLS, Aerosmith, Ne-Yo

Robbie Williams Calvin Harris Take That JLS Aerosmith Ne-Yo Carrie Underwood Sia

Calvin Harris will most likely be taking a peek at this week’s UK album’s releases (Monday November 5, 2012) and resigning himself to handing over the albums chart crown to Robbie Williams, come Sunday. In fact, it’s quite appropriate that Robbie has named his album Take The Crown, because that’s exactly what we think he’ll be doing this week.

Take The Crown is Robbie Williams’ ninth solo studio album and if the first single to be lifted from the album is anything to go by, it’s heading straight for the top of the charts. ‘Candy’ went in at number one yesterday, following an appearance from Williams on the UK’s X Factor show the previous weekend. The former Take That singer recently welcomed his first child into the world – what better way to celebrate than with a number one album?

Watch Robbie Williams' 'Candy':

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Michael Jordan and Ne-Yo - Michael Jordan, Ne-Yo Friday 30th March 2012 Sports & Entertainment Stars gather for 11th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Gala at Aria Resort & Casino

Michael Jordan and Ne-yo

Video - Ne-Yo Regrets Chewing Prop Liquorice

Actor Elijah Kelley (Hairspray; Take The Lead); Tristan Wilds (90210; The Secret Life Of Bees) and Ne-Yo attend a press junket for their new movie "Red Tails" at the London Hotel in New York. While Elijah recalls a terrible time while flying a plane, Tristan describes the experience as 'like being on a rollercoaster ride' and Ne-Yo expresses relief that he didn't get to go up in a plane.

Ne-Yo recounts a terrible experience of his own; he was chewing black liquorice that looked like tobacco and he moans about how he can still taste it in his mouth, describing the taste as being like faeces

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

How do you defeat an enemy you know nothing about and never planned to fight? When earth is attacked by extraterrestrials, one by one cities begin to fall and the world becomes a very different place to the one we know today.

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Ne-Yo, Champagne Life Single Review

After waxing lyrical over 'Libra Scales', the stunning fourth album from Ne-yo on these hallowed web pages, I am gonna let you into a lil secret, word is that this is going to be part of a double a side or two track single with "Beautiful Monster". This isn't common knowledge at the moment and the label don't want it to be known yet, doh! lol, because they do not want to confuse radio or have the airplay of "Beautiful Monster" diluted in any way. So this is just between you and err me ;-) From a totally personal and a real heads point of view this is the better track by miles. This exquisite smoothed out soulful R&B mid beat monster is simply breath taking. From the opening strings you just know Champagne Life is going to be an R&B master class and trust me it is. Like "Can We Chill" I will never get fed up with this track. It tells the story of three guys that go from virtual average Joe's eating pizza and drinking cheap beers to the equivalent of lottery winners over night (see album review for the full story). The opening lyric says it all "welcome to the Champagne Life where your only troubles are a bubble in a champagne glass and where your dreams and reality are one and the same". The production and music is jaw dropping, the fiercest snares and bass lines that give the track its street appeal whilst still being smooth enough for the soul heads, this is matched by the pure class of the strings and keyboards. Sit Ne-Yo's breathtaking vocals on top of all of this and you really have the cherry on the cake. For all my love for this single in all honesty at a commercial level in the UK and probably across Europe it will be "Beautiful Monster" that's the hit. In America I'm sure it will be a very different story as it is to theses ears. Its "Champagne Life" all the way for me baby.

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Ne-Yo, Libra Scale Album Review

September 21st! Engrave the date on your brain, for the release of Ne-Yo's fourth album.

Ok I need to explain this to you because this isn't your normal album or album review. Along with the album there are an accompanying six videos. So let's set the scene, the album is like a script to a mini film or theatre play. Set around three super heroes. The three super heroes start off life as garbage men and are given everything they have ever wanted, luxury apartments, flash cars, jewellery and as many women as they want as long as they are willing to be superheroes and guard their city from evil; but there are rules with the super powers, the key one being they can't fall in love with any of the women they meet or sleep with. With the plot so far?

So enters the track 'Champange Life' the story of these guys getting all they ever wanted. The track is quite simply one of Ne-Yo's most soulful R&B tracks to date and definitely the most soulful since the 'real heads' anthem 'Can We Chill'. This sublimely produced mid beat monster is one of THE tracks of 2010. Snares, baselines, keyboards all melt together behind the usual stunning vocal performance and song writing skills of Ne-Yo. This track from a purist's view is one of his best to date.

The lead character and leader of the three super heroes is obviously played by Ne-Yo. The character after some time realises that actually for all they have money, cars, jewellery and women his life feels empty. In a club one night they walk in and are mobbed by women, like normal, but there is one table that doesn't take much notice of them. So they beckon these girls to their VIP area, they all run over except one. To impress her, the lead character uses his superpowers to float a bottle of champagne and a glass over to her and pours her a drink. Unimpressed by this she gets a waiter to take it back over with the message, thanks but no thanks. He walks over, sits with her and asks her why she's not interested, to which she replies let me see the real you, not all this rubbish and you might just have a chance.

Next, enters the track 'One In A Million' this track is more edgy, yet still retains a smoothness and slickness to it, lyrically it explains how different she is from all the women he has ever met. The story telling in the song is nothing short of amazing. Inevitably he starts to fall in love despite all his friends efforts and their own unwritten rule of only ever being able to spend 48 hours with any woman. He goes way beyond that with her. Hence the song 'She Is', okay let me explain, this song will do for Ne-Yo what 'Irreplaceable' did for Beyonce and what 'Take A Bow' did for Rihanna oh yeah and of course he just happened to write both of those as well. Its' a stunning acoustic ballad that every woman will melt over and Ne-Yo will simply just add even more to his ever growing army of female fans because of the lyrics and Ne-Yo being so in tune with women lyrically.

He falls in love with her and this is where the main rule comes in, when they become intimate and he makes love to her, it sends her completely crazy her eyes become diamonds and she gains all his super powers plus she becomes a medusa type character because if you look into her eyes you lose your mind. Convinced he has done this on purpose she becomes his arch enemy and sets out destroy everything close to him and everything around him.

Now follows the song 'Beautiful Monster', the most dance based track on the album, right, I ain't gonna kid ya I have said it before and I will say again, I really don't like this track, but I do get it. Not just from the plot view, but musically I don't think Ne-Yo has to go down the road of 'because electro dace is popular I should be doing it too' it's similar to Michael Jackson's rock influenced tracks; Rock was big back then so he made a crossover and Ne-Yo is obviously doing it because dance is so big now and it unifies so many people - from the artists point of view.

Then the track 'What Have I Done' follows as he remorsefully looks back at what has happened, another classy down beat swayer. It is like a modern day Adam & Eve or Romeo & Juliet in some ways. So the finish to the story, the man that gave them powers comes back and gives the hero one of two choices 1) He kills the love of his life and it returns yo how it was before he had powers and all the people she had killed or taken over the minds of will be returned to normal or 2) He disappears, there is no existence for him everything returns to how it was before he got his superpowers and the love of his life is saved. So the 'Libra Scale' choice comes into play ...

This album shows that Ne-Yo is that word that gets bounded around far too often these days - GENIUS! The album, the six ten minute videos that come with it, musically and lyrically all have obvious Michael Jackson influence and Ne-Yo does not hide that fact. Because as he said after playing me the album, 'MJ might be gone but his spirit should still live on in our music', Ne-Yo added 'I want to entertain people and keep people on their toes musically as Michael did'. This album should be in everyone's collection please make sure you pick it up the minute it drops.

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Ne-Yo - Recording artist Ne-Yo Wednesday 5th November 2008 at Macy's New York City, USA


Ne-Yo, Interview

Ne-Yo Interview

Read our Ne-Yo Interview or have a listen to the audio stream

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Ne-Yo Friday 7th September 2007 Seventeen Magazine's Rock-N-Style Concert and Fashion Show at Arena Nightclub - Arrivals New York City, USA


Ne-Yo, Because of you, Album review

Because of you
Album review

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Ne-Yo, Because Of You, Single Review

Because Of You
Def Jam
Uk Release Date April 16th - Download Release Date Tbc
Single Review

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