Review of R.E.D Album by Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo's latest album 'R.E.D' is released on Motown Records. There's no doubt Ne-Yo is an excellent songwriter who has established himself as a reputable r'n'b and soul star, who continues to write for other artists receiving worldwide acclaim. 'R.E.D' is his first release on Motown and features popular artists such as Tim Mcgraw and Calvin Harris, as well as his smash hit 'Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)'. 

Ne-Yo R.E.D Album

'R.E.D' has some great tracks like 'Miss Right', a smooth soul track with great harmony and feeling. 'Jealous' has a similar feel that is produced very well. Tracks like 'Be The One', 'Shut Me Down' and 'Let's Go' are bringing the fusion of modern dance music to soul with a youthful modernity. 'She Is' featuring Tim Mcgraw has a wonderful song writing quality to it and the duo bring heartfelt pop vocals to this track also. 

Ne-Yo is a quality artist who is displaying professionalism and sophistication in his delivery of soul music. There are some great unexpected moments that stand out and although I feel this highlights Ne-Yo as a credible song writer, the production of newer fusions of music may be more appropriate for a younger audience. However, it's all well put together and soul continues to be relevant with acts like Ne-Yo bringing heartfelt emotion to the mix.

Tareck Ghoneim

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