Singer Neil Diamond has denied reports he handed over $150 million (£93 million) in his second divorce, insisting only "businessmen and thieves" have fortunes that large.

It has long been speculated that the Sweet Caroline crooner gave half his wealth to Marcia Murphey after they split in 1995, and the settlement has been called one of the largest in history.

Diamond now insists the story is completely false, but he has never bothered to clear up the rumour.

He tells Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper, "That's what the newspapers said but it wasn't true. Somebody made up a number which was totally untrue. I told my former wife, 'Honey, I wish it were true. I'd love to give that to you.' But musicians don't make that kind of money. Businessmen and thieves make that kind of money. Yes, there was guilt involved. We'd been married for 25 years and it was difficult."

Diamond, 71, headed down the aisle for the third time when he married his co-manager Katie MCNeil, 41, in April (12), and he insists she will be his last bride.

He adds, "I don't want a fourth wife. I have the best woman in the world and I'm taking good care of our relationship. I'm making sure it's going to last forever."