Following the success of Starz original series 'American Gods', adapted from the critically-acclaimed Neil Gaiman novel of the same name, will come a television adaptation of his co-written novel 'Good Omens', which he authored alongside Terry Pratchett. Set to come to Amazon Prime Video next year, the series will see an array of religious imagery and characters brought to life, which is sure to bring controversy to the work. However, it's something Gaiman is well aware of, and is prepared for.

Neil Gaiman has some predictions about the response to 'Good Omens'Neil Gaiman has some predictions about the response to 'Good Omens'

An incredible cast is coming together for 'Good Omens', with Jon Hamm, David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Adrian Arjona, and Nick Offerman amongst those bringing their skill to the show. Each have been in production with the series throughout the past 12 months or so, creating a six-episode series that is highly anticipated by huge fans, and those new to the story.

One pair of characters who may cause a stir in 'Good Omens' are Adam and Eve. Gaiman and the crew working on the series think that their casting of people of colour in the roles could bring criticism, despite the move being the only one to make sense.

Speaking with EW, the author explained: "I think we were talking about casting Adam and Eve. Because in the very, very opening scene, we have Adam and Eve, and they’re black because we’re in Africa and we’re in the Garden of Eden, and of course Adam and Eve would be black. And that was one of those places where it’s like, if people are going to find this offensive, great. Let’s know that, and let’s own it."

Whilst we're very excited to see what 'Good Omens' has to offer, we're equally looking forward to seeing how the series will be received. Hopefully, the majority of those giving it a chance will be forward-thinking individuals, and can enjoy it no matter their race, religion, or other.

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'Good Omens' will come to Amazon Prime Video at some point in 2019.