Though his first attempt at hosting The Oscars proved to be rather divisive, Neil Patrick Harris has admitted that he’d really love a second opportunity.

Harris, 42, was speaking to Us Weekly on Friday (September 4th) when he said that he’d be up for the task, one of the most prestigious and scrutinised roles in showbiz, if the Oscars organisers approached him for a second time. “I knew what I was getting into. It's a beast, but I'd love to do it again if I was asked!” he said.

Neil Patrick HarrisNeil Patrick Harris has admitted that he'd like to host the Oscars again

When he hosted the ceremony back in February, many onlookers were disappointed with what they perceived as an absence of cutting edge in his humour and straight-down-the-middle presenting style – even though Harris had said beforehand that he wanted to be family-friendly and old-fashioned, in comparison to the likes of Seth Macfarlane.

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The former ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star and Broadway veteran is preparing to launch his new show ‘Best Time Ever’ this week on NBC. It’s an adaptation of the British weekend favourite ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’, and will feature a number of Harris’ celebrity pals, hidden camera pranks, stunts and mini game shows.

“You'll get to see a bunch of cool s***,” Harris enthused. “It's essentially showing audiences six or seven shows simultaneously. There are singing-competition shows and there are dancing-competition shows already. I didn't think there was room in the world for another version of that. I'm going to be pranking celebrities… …It will be fun and, I'm hoping a little bit game changing.”

Celebs on the receiving end of some of these pranks are reported to be Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He also revealed that each show will be announced by a different person. “We have a celebrity announcer every week. I'm not supposed to say who our first one is - but it rhymes with Peace Mithertroon.”

‘Best Time Ever’ premieres on NBC at 10pm (ET) on Tuesday (September 8th).

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