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Hey Austin...give me a break. U tellin me that Neil is rusted out?? Gee 40 years of rustingaway aint bad.. Name anyone else other than Dylanand Young who've endured 5 decades of a musicindustry and has seen tens of thousands of onehit wonders come and go.Get your Bush head out of the sand,man.

Posted 13 years 7 months ago by mikelowna

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Hey Austin Texas....When does every record that an artist puts out have to be a stellar earth shaking event? The guy put out a record in a few days, got it streaming on the web and then got it into the stores. All in a few days. To me thats pretty damn impressive, it may not be to you, but its a significant undertaking if you know the record business.Like many of his records, he has tested, bent, and broken the rules of the record industry to deliver his product. Forget the political analysis of the record, since its the same as I heard back when "Ohio" came out.....perhaps you may / may not have been around for that event.......As far as NY being "burned out" and not coming back, I would not confuse a song lyric with real life, this guy is as saavy a business person as you'll find and knows when it will be time to give it a rest, that said, he still has about 30 albums worth of material in the Reprise vaults to keep him going long into the future......politically correct or not.....If your career holds up this well, good for you.NDChicago

Posted 14 years 3 months ago by PeteMoss

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hey hey my my at least he has the ball's to spek his mind.We Aussies love Neil Young.Neil's music will never die.

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by Breezin Chris

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NEIL YOUNG BURNS OUT INTO THE BLACK - NOT COMING BACK"Living WIth War" Neil Young (Reprise)Full disclosure: I think Neil Young is a great songwriter, and a good live performer. But he likes injecting politics into his music, and I think his political views are crap (hey, so did Lynyrd Skynyrd).Neil Young's music career has been punctuated by politically charged songs (Ohio,

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by the_eagle

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