The singer/songwriter's new offers information on ecology, the future of farming, climate change and the latest research on healthy food, while also encouraging fans and users to get involved with earth-saving social causes.

The site's motto is, "It takes a village to keep the free world rockin'" - a reference to Young's activism anthem Rockin' in the Free World, which he objected to presidential candidate Donald Trump using as a campaign tune at political rallies this summer (15).

" is a powerful resource for finding services and organizations dedicated to helping you live a healthy, vital and informed life, while participating in Earth's flourishing sustainability movement," a statement reads. "It is a reliable portal for information on common sense, innovative and creative solutions to many of the crisis we face."

The site launch comes just four months after the release of Young's latest album, The Monsanto Years, which was accompanied by a film the rocker funded about the Monsanto company, which makes genetically engineered seeds.