Neil Young taught Meryl Streep to play guitar.

The 'Into The Woods' star has revealed she got tips on how to play the instrument from the 'Heart Of Gold' hitmaker in a 45-minute private lesson.

She said of their meeting: ''He gave me some advice. He saw all the amplifiers and cords and said 'What is this s***?' ...

''He said crank it up to 11. You've got to turn it up, turn it up loud.''

The 66-year-old star also revealed how the pair met, after being introduced by the director of her latest movie 'Ricki And The Flash', in which she plays a musician.

Speaking on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, she shared: ''I didn't know how to play guitar, I have been singing for a long time, but not really rock 'n' roll, nobody asked me to. I had my first guitar lesson when I said I would do the movie.

''So Jonathan [Demme; the director] says, 'Come by, Neil would love to meet you and maybe I'll get him to give you a guitar lesson.' So my first lesson was 45 minutes with Neil. He is amazing, it's cool.''