Singer Nelly Furtado turned off her cell phone and embarked on a journey across the U.S. in a bid to find inspiration for her latest album The Spirit Indestructible.
The Maneater hitmaker decided she needed to clear her mind before heading into the studio, and admits the trip was exactly what she needed to put her in the mood to write new music.
She tells Aol, "Right before I wrote the bulk of the album I turned my phone off and I went through this journey through America... I got to a cool place. More like the state of mind I was in when I wrote my first album. I was just in a really good head space where I was just ready to be a bit more fearless about what I was creating.
"When you've been in the music business for a while it's easy to be on autopilot and not realise you're on autopilot. Then when you really unplug and you really take a break... you feel like you're alive again and you can put that life into the tunes."