Review of IZ U Single by Nelly

Nelly - ‘IZ U’
Nelly - ‘IZ U’ - Single Review



Nelly continues to deliver his usual style with ‘IZ U.’ If you like Nelly you’ll probably like this track. The usual bouncy feel is evident and I suppose it would make an ok dancefloor track. There are some interesting samples and effects to make it fairly entertaining. Its just Nelly doesn’t say anything. He’s overt bling is embarrassing. His infatuation with the fickle makes Nelly a weak link in the hip hop world but alas as we live in a world of lovers of Chrystal and fast cars people might actually buy this track. It’s probably best for young teens wanting to get into hip hop or maybe that would be leading them away from the true nature of hip hop. Easily digestible dross with no lasting impression and no soul.

Tareck Ghoneim

Nelly - ‘IZ U’ - Single Review