Review of Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention Album by Nelly


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Nelly - 'Da Derrty Versions'- The Reinvention

This album produces re-mixed versions of Nelly's popular music which has already been released with the exception of 'IZ U' being the new track on the album. Tracks include new versions of 'It's Hot in Herre,' 'Dilemma' and 'Work It' featuring Justin Timberlake. Overall it is successful. Some of the versions are better than the originals. The production is sophisticated, clean and has crisp beats pumping. I suppose if you're a Nelly fan it would make a good buy or if you're looking for a decent party album. Nelly has been criticised by excellent MC's such as KRS 1 for not upping the hip hop game which is fair comment from the apostle of hip hop, however if you're looking for something to bop around to and nothing too complicated this album may deliver. Nevertheless if you're looking for depth go to KRS 1.

Tareck Ghoneim

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