Review of Over And Over - feat. Tim Mcgraw Single by Nelly


Nelly - Over And Over' feat. Tim Mcgraw - Single Review

Over And Over' is the latest offering from rap boy Nelly taken from the album Suit'. I think Nelly is going to have rethink whether he is really hip hop after releasing this track. It's so far away from street ghetto hip hop roots you'd think Bill Cosby is the producer of the track. I didn't release hip hop was now Glam. I guess we have to look at the culprit Nelly. It seems he has been most versatile to current fashionable trends and he changes his musical style to sell that period. Going from brash boy, to dirty thug and now the sophistication of Nelly shines through with Over And Over' in such a cheesy and pop like fashion you'd have to guess he's been a closet David Bowie fan when at college, doing what mamma always told him what to do. Seriously far from street, it seems Nelly's been getting phat with far too much mozzarella and the bling thing just ain't sitting with this new found Nelly. This sweet sensitive piece is better crafted from the Usher and Timberlake crew not from the Nelly suede shoes. Have no pity for him.

Tareck Ghoneim

www. nelly .net

Nelly - Over And Over' feat. Tim Mcgraw - Single Review