In a world where we still have a lot to learn about diversity and inclusion between the members of a single human race, 'Bright' opens up that concept further with a world of many different races. In this Netflix Original Movie, it poses to challenge the harmony between humans, orcs and elves.

Bright - Will SmithWill Smith stars as Scott Ward in 'Bright'

'Bright' is set in an alternate present-day Los Angeles where humans have been living amongst folkloric creatures the likes of orcs, elves and fairies for thousands of years. Directed by David Ayer ('Training Day', 'End of Watch', 'Suicide Squad') with a script written by Max Landis ('Chronicle', 'American Ultra'), it follows a nail-biting quest to save the planet with an undercurrent of parallels with real life racial issues. 

Will Smith stars as a cop named Scott Ward from the South Central Los Angeles Police Force who is forced to team up with the force's newest recruit, Nicolas Jakoby (Joel Edgerton); the first ever orc police officer. Naturally, he has his reservations. Orcs are thought to be not so law-abiding creatures, and indeed the duo must come up against the leader of the Fogteeth Orcs gang Dorghu (Brad William Henke).

Bright - Joel Edgerton'Bright' sees Joel Edgerton as a young orc cop

Nonetheless, Jakoby's employment goes to prove the police department's commitment to racial inclusion and diversity in the force, which should have a positive effect on the community. As Captain Perez says: 'Orcs have been a part of our society for over a millennia and we welcome all who are ready and willing to serve on the force. Jakoby will be an excellent partner to Ward.'

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Of course, Jakoby and Ward hardly get on right away, but they are forced to band together when a regular nightly patrol has them concerned for their future. There's some dark magic at work in the city and they must protect a female elf they meet from the evil that threatens her, while trying to keep an ancient weapon from falling into criminal hands.

'Bright' is set to arrive on Netflix in December 2017.

Bright - Joel Edgerton and Will SmithWill Smith and Joel Edgerton come to Netflix with 'Bright'