New Found Glory locked themselves away in the studio over the summer, crafting what would be their eighth full-length album. With the release of the record, Resurrection, hitting stores worldwide this week, how does it stack up to the classic gems all throughout the band's discography?

NFG LiveNew Found Glory’s ‘Resurrection’ is the eighth album

Plain and simple: Resurrection is the best New Found Glory album that we've seen in a very, very long time. Its predecessor, 2011's Radiosurgery, was a breath of fresh air - but Resurrection is like a brand new set of lungs. Its got everything you'd want in an NFG album and then some, including some of the best hooks the band has ever written. As it's the first release we've seen from New Found Glory as a four piece since kicking out guitarist Steve Klein last year, the one guitar doesn't hinder their sound in any way.

Additionally, the lyrics are still as NFG-esque as ever, considering Klein was known as the primary lyric writer. What Resurrection does differently than the aforementioned Radiosurgery, or even 2009's Not Without a Fight, is that it's finally a complete album of everything the band does best, as opposed to an album trying to capture their first few records' magic and instead, coming up short. Resurrection is also New Found Glory's debut on Hopeless Records, a label that has a pretty good history at taking established bands and churning out their best work. With that said, what are some of the must-listen tracks on Resurrection? Besides all of them, of course.

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'Selfless' is Resurrection's lead single, and it's a fitting opening track, too - it pretty much sets the tone for what's to come on the next twelve songs. Featuring a crunchy guitar riff with an addicting pre-chorus, vocalist Jordan Pundik makes a pledge "to never grow up a bitter dinosaur" in what's an instant banger, and a textbook New Found Glory tune.

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