Rockers New Model Army have been left devastated after a fire completely destroyed their studio and some "irreplaceable" special recordings on Christmas Eve (24Dec11).
The band's studio, which was based at The Mill club in Bradford, England, was wrecked after a blaze broke out at a nearby furniture store on Saturday (24Dec11).
Along with the studio itself, the veteran musicians lost the demos to their upcoming 12th album, recordings that were recently rediscovered and dated back 30 years, as well as vintage instruments.
But frontman Justin Sullivan is adamant they won't let the loss affect them, saying, "We have really been amazed by the response and the generosity of the offers of assistance we have received. Of course we are all upset about what has happened, but we are insured and hope that at least our financial losses will be covered.
"In the end though, nobody was hurt and what was lost is just material. The band is about people and spirit and without doubt this has never been stronger. There may perhaps be a bit of a delay in our activities, but otherwise everything will continue as before."