New Order are set to collaborate with James Murphy in the future.

Lead singer Bernard Sumner has hinted at the possibility of working with the former LCD Soundsystem star in the near future.

Talking to the website, Consequence Of Sound, he shared: ''I can't talk about any of that just yet, but there is news, we're in the process.''

The band - which consists of Bernard Sumner, Tom Chapman, Gillian Gilbert, STEPHEN MORRIS and Phil Cunningham - first formed in 1980 and are best known for their hit 'Blue Monday'.

New Order have broken up several times but have officially reunited with Tom Chapman replacing former bassist Peter Hook permanently.

Sumner's autobiography, 'Chapter And Verse (New Order, Joy Division And Me)' will be published on September 25, after announcing in June 2013 that he planned to write his memoirs.

Described as ''a vivid and illuminating'', the autobiography will focus on his musical career and in particular the 58 year old's time in New Order.

Former bandmate Peter Hook has already published two autobiographical books based on his time as the co-owner of the legendary Manchester nightclub the Hacienda and another about his first band Joy Division - which became New Order after lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide in May 1980.

In the past he has said that he doesn't want to write about New Order - which he left in 2007 - as he explained: ''There's so much bitterness. You don't want it to become a b***h-fest.''