New Order's 'World in Motion' stopped the band from splitting up, according to Peter Hook.

The 64-year-old star has admitted the chart-topping song - which was the England soccer team's anthem for the 1990 World Cup - stopped the band from going their separate ways.

He shared: ''In a funny way, it actually brought us together because we hadn't had a great time doing [1989 album] 'Technique'. We were basically splitting up and we came back together to do 'World in Motion'.

''The Football Association weren't 100 percent behind it, I have to say. I think we were used to being fawned over and not being treated like an unwelcome guest.

''We never got any tickets [to the World Cup] or any memorabilia.''

The single features a memorable rap by former England star JOHN BARNES.

And the bassist revealed comedian Keith Allen - who stars in the music video - inspired the rap.

Peter told the BBC: ''I think it was Keith who came up with the idea of the rap. My memory of it is he did help Barney [Sumner] in the same way we all helped Barney.

''There were a few, shall we say, clandestine meetings between the two of them in dark corners and the rustling of notes etc.''

Despite the success of the single, Peter admitted the recording was far from straightforward.

He confessed: ''It wasn't the easiest of single, but the footballers gave us a welcome distraction. We didn't get everything that we needed so we asked them to come again.

''They refused because they didn't have the time or whatever so we ended up finishing the vocals ourselves.''