It's the fashion film that has taken the internet by storm since it was posted three days ago, pulling in 23 million views. 'First Kiss' was filmed in less than a day and features 20 couples kissing for the very first time. Of course, this is a fashion film - the work of label Wren and director Tatia Pilieva - so everyone involved is hip, cool and good looking.


Inspired by photographs taken by the late Richard Avedon of people kissing, the film captures complete strangers in the act and creates some pretty awkward moments.

Wren founder Melissa Coker told The Telegraph explained her thinking behind the video, "I don't want to see any close-ups on shoes or skirts, or boring things like that."

Three days before the shoot, the Los Angeles designer "contacted all my friends who I thought would be up for it; or friends of the brand; girls that have been in the lookbook before or girls who are singers who we've lent them clothes in the past."

Several musicians and actors also star in the video, including Soko, the creator of the video's soundtrack.

"No one knew who they were kissing until they turned up. They didn't even know the person's name, so they couldn't Google or do any research. Only Tatia knew and I knew. That was key to capturing these moments," Coker revealed.

Melissa Coker'First Kiss' Is The Work of Melissa Coker's Wren Label

The director posted the clip on YouTube and it soon began racking up the hits. "It's been amazing, it's been really unexpected and exciting and cool, we had absolutely, 1000 per cent no idea this would happen," said Coker.

Of course, this video has also run into criticism, perhaps most notably from The Guardian's Stuart Heritage who suggested the film should be remade "with grotty, normal people."

"I want to see another version of First Kisses. One that's more realistic. One that stars people like you and me; lumpy, nervous, inept people who couldn't kiss a stranger properly without it looking like a slit bag of eels being electrocuted in a puddle. Drunk people. People who accidentally burp mid-kiss. People who, rather than hugging and beaming after their kiss, immediately die on the spot of guilt and shame," he wrote on Tuesday. Which is a very Guardian thing to say, but also rather ambitious given Wren are essentially trying to sell high-end clothes.