There are various questions popping up - are the tickets sold out, is Air Supply touring in Detroit in 2022, when is Air Supply performing, how many days to the concert, are the tickets affordable, and so on. The answers to these questions is included in the article.  

Air Supply, 2016 / Image credit: Imaginechina Limited / Alamy Stock PhotoAir Supply, 2016 / Image credit: Imaginechina Limited / Alamy Stock Photo

The Air Supply duo is celebrating its anniversary with the popular MGM Detroit in 2022.  The Air Supply is one of the constant hitmakers since its arrival in the early 80s. The duo had their #1 only hit but remained consistently active for four years. For four long years, they were the uniform monster hitmakers. 

Air Supply: An Alien to the Civilization

Apart from this, Air Supply has held its record by creating eight singles in a row of the best 10 on Billboard, all these singles were between 1980 and 1983. It is unquestionably confounding that these songs were the ultimate money in the bank. Consider “the one that you love” for example, it would sound like an alien song in human civilization. The instinctive artifact of the duo is always inexplicable. 

Considering the video of “the one that you love”, fuzzy hair gets built up above Russel Hitchcock’s head resembling a halo of about four-inch covering his craggy and weird little face. His deep forehead wrinkles catch some light and illuminate them. Imagine a soap opera character who is in the middle of his show expecting to be dumped. This was the exact expression of Hitchcock in the video. His external appearance was something like this - standing in front of his band, arms hanging loosely at his side, a silly tiger t-shirt put on, with some screen whining greeting card foolishness. In an attempt to create romantic bliss, he creates a weird and absurd situation. 

The video is just not a video, but a label to remember for the Air Supply’s rock hit. The video is a decisive mystery to the viewers and the song has got nothing to do to solve it. 

MGM in Michigan 

Now with the anniversary on the fore, they have selected MGM for concerts. MGM has its brand name in the state of Michigan and also in other states across the United States. The company not only excels in offering the best hotels to its customers but also is one of the best sports betting operators worldwide. BetMGM is popular for its promotions and other features in the province of Michigan.  The operator offers the best casinos in the state including features like versatility in gaming selection, promotions and bonuses, competitive odds, and many more. 

The MGM Resorts mobile application is the fastest and easiest way to fetch the best from your trip. One can access the digital key and check in through mobile, make reservations online just with a click; browse through nightlife, shows, and events; acquire customized recommendations, and earn huge through exclusive reward programs with MGM. 

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Air Supply Concert at MGM

The MGM resorts app gives you access to everything with just a click on the app. All you need to do is unlock the app, book your shows or hotel room preferences, any facility with the hotels, etc. Similarly, MGM offers several selection criteria for the ticket booking of Air Supply’s concerts. The concerts will be continuing throughout the month of July and August. The duo will be performing at MGM Grand Detroit Event Center in Detroit, Michigan on July 8 (Friday) at 8 pm. 

The MGM Grand Event Center is a huge multipurpose theater situated in the spectacular art-decorated style in the province of Michigan. This stunning hall conducts a vast variety of events that include fashion shows, award shows, concerts, and sports events as well. People usually come to MGM Grand either to enjoy a luxury stay at the resort or enjoy an entertaining show or event. MGM Detroit always lends you a winning ticket. 

The event center scheduled for the events 2022 at MGM Grand Detroit comprises both Air Supply and Christina P. The largest inventory of tickets for the concert at Grand Detroit is stored with Keep checking on resale tickets for great deals. 


For the fans, Air Supply has rendered amazing concerts, says the history. The tickets to the event are not so costly and have been made easily available on various ticket booking apps and websites online. Every Air Supply concert comes out to be a sold-out appearance for the people. You cannot complete a well-versed conversation on rock music in the United States without mentioning Air Supply. If you do so, you are probably not a rock geek anymore.